Since many years Lia Andes has gained experience as a Jazz singer, but also as a singer in Classical Opera and Musicals. This „double life“ she owes to the classical voice training she‘s been having (with opera singer Margit Seifert-Ebeling) during the time she already performed as a Jazz singer. Although initially this only served to reach higher heights (and deeper depths), Lia quickly fell in love with Classical Opera once she experienced the passion of singing it.

Thanks to her all-round singing education, Lia Andes has been able to deploy her creativity in the diverse music styles and to impress with the mutability of her voice. Quoting the composer Rudy Stevenson makes the summary: Lia Andes is a talented vocalist that all composers like to have available to them. She has an incredible voice with a wide range, warmth and many colors. The ability to interpret compositions whether they are soul, jazz or contemporary puts a writer at ease; also she is a heavy rapper. The question that is often asked is: „is that the same Lia Andes that sings the classics?“ the answer to that is: "YES, she is the same one!"

Lia has recorded several Jazz/Blues CDs with RSI Records („This Masquerade“, „Blues March“). In 2002 Lia Andes received the „Blues and Jazz Award“ when performing with her Jazz Quartet in Berlin. Some years before, in Vienna, she staged as „Josepha Weber“ in the world premiere of the Musical „Mozart“ (directed by Harry Kupfer). Her career in Musicals continued when she performed as the Gargoyle „Loni“ in James Lapine‘s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame“ in Berlin in 2000. Later, in 2005, Lia Andes was on stage in Rome (St. Paul‘s Church) to sing classical church music, such as the Requiem from Mozart and the Requiem from Fauré. Additionally, Lia has been performing recitals (Lieder from De Falla, Chopin, Italian Opera arias) and Jazz concerts (Lia Andes Band, Rudy Stevenson Band) in different locations in Europe.

In 2009, Lia has initiated her band project "bluespirit" with concerts at the Philharmonie Berlin. 2011 she started "pure Spirit", a project with her original music (see Live and pureSpirit). In "Voice-Tap" (2013) Lia presents her compositions together with the "rhythm tap" dancer Heather Cornell (New York)
In 2015 Lia published a double CD album entitled "Sie lebt" ("She lives") with her own compositions  (label Bluespirit Records). On this solo album she sings her songs while playing the piano. A Single from the album, "Verstummt ist mein Kummer" ("my sorrow has dissolved") was also published.