Hi folks, thanks for visiting my page. I hope you have fun listening to my music, checking out some photos, videos and info about me and my musicians.

Now let me tell you something you will not find in my CV. Ready for some secrets...?

When I was a little girl I used to sneak into the living room in the middle of the night to play the piano when I could not sleep. Playing the piano calmed me and my bad dreams down. My family was not at all amused about these late night sessions and soon the piano was taken into my room. Now I could play day and night (my poor brother, his room was next to mine!).

I always liked playing the piano (although I didn't like to practice that much), but what I liked the most was singing along with it. I always knew I AM GOING TO BE A SINGER.
Singing my lungs out I danced through the house. I was surprised when my family did not listen and did not react the way I thought they should. I remember a holiday with my parents in Denmark (I must have been 8 years old). Me sitting at the beach singing with my guitar and a bunch of children around me, listening.

In the early days I took piano lessons, guitar lessons, jazz-dance lessons, but never singing lessons. There was no question about that because I was always singing anyway. My voice belonged to me, just like my temper and my blue eyes.

When I was 11 we moved to London. A new world opened up for us. My mother, who was a teacher, was now selling self-designed clothes at the Hyper Hyper Shopping mile at High Street Kensington. With my roller blades and my headphones on, I shot through Hyde Park, past Harrods to Trafalgar- Square and sucked in the beat of the city with every breath I took.
The big music scene, in theaters, live-clubs and concert halls, had been so inspiring and motivating to me. Here I felt sooooooo good. The 6 years in London influenced my future musical life a lot.

At 17 I moved to Berlin to study physiotherapy (I finished my studies - I can call myself a physiotherapist...wow!).
But deep inside I had the longing to work on my singing voice. I took singing lessons in parallel to my work as a physiotherapist, and I began to focus much more on my music studies and the singing. And from that point there was only music. My dream came true. I became a professional singer.

I feel very home here in Berlin. The colorful city with its multi-culture got me. I keep writing new songs and I am not afraid to cross new borders. My family (my daughter Mariella, my husband Gunnar), the great musicians I had/ I have the pleasure to work with, my friends and - last but not least - all of you out there are helping me on my way. Thank you!

I am looking forward to what will be. We may meet at one of my concerts.

Peace, Love and Happiness,